Question: How many seeds do I have to buy in order to qualify for a bulk cannabis seed purchase on BulkWeedSeed.com?

Answer: There is no real limit to how many seeds you can buy. There is a limit to how much you have to spend to order, however. That limit is $100.00. You could buy 50 of the $2.00 seeds and your total would be the minimum of $100.00. Or, you would need to order 100 of the $1.00 seed in order to make the $100.00 minimum order limit, or any combination of seeds that bring your total to the minimum $100.00.

Question: Do I have to pay for shipping and handling when ordering from Bulk Cannabis Seed?

Answer: No, you don’t have to pay for shipping and handling on any orders here on this site…all free!

Question: Do I have to pay taxes on my bulk seed order?

Answer: No you don’t have to pay extra for tax on your order. The price you see is the price you pay.

Question: How fresh are the cannabis seeds for sale on BulkWeedSeed.com?

Answer: The cannabis seeds we have for sell on BulkWeedSeed.com are tested regularly to assure they will have a high germination rate. All the seeds sold are guaranteed to have an 80% viability, and I include extra seeds in each order to make up for any duds.

Question: How long does it take to recieve the cannabis seeds I bought from BulkWeedSeed.com?

Answer: Shipping and handling usually take about 5-7 days depending on many different factors. Seeds are shipped most days, many orders are shipped the day they are received, especially cash orders. Checks, money orders, bitcoin, etc. wait till the funds clear my bank.

Question: How long will it take to receive my bulk cannabis seed order from BulkWeedSeed.com?

Answer: That depends on how you paid for your cannabis seed order. If you paid with cash, either sent to me or via a cash app, your seeds will ship out as soon as I receive your cash.

If you pay with Bitcoin, money order, or a personal check I do not ship your weed seeds until the money is in my account. This can take several days. The fastest way to get your seeds is to simply pay with cash.